Our Research Service

Need help finding your ancestors' whereabouts and other information about them?

LGS volunteers offer to do genealogy and family history research for non-members as a means of generating revenue for the Society. We use funds surplus to our operating costs to augment the research resources in our local public libraries, accessible to the whole community.

We can search in the holdings of the Cobourg and Port Hope Public Libraries, the Northumberland County Archives which includes the Cobourg Municipal Archives and is co-sited with the Cobourg Library, the Port Hope Archives, and the Ontario Land Registry Office #39 for Northumberland County located in Cobourg.

Our $20 hourly donation request reflects that our service is being done by non-professional genealogists. Nonetheless, to control cost, you should be specific about the subject of your search and what items you want examined. Charges such as printing, photocopying, mail and transportation will be added at cost.

To explore whether we may be able to help your progress without breaking your bank, please submit a request on the form on the Contact page with the subject "Research".