Evans, Carol: Two Unlucky Cox Lads in Hamilton

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John Franklin Adolph Cox was only 11 when he died. Franklin attended St. Ann’s School and was an altar boy at St. Ann’s Church in Hamilton. He belonged to the Aquatic Club at the Municipal Pool.

Franklin was playing with toy airplanes near his home at 25 Chestnut Ave . When the plane lodged on the roof, he attempted to retrieve it by climbing through a third storey window but lost his balance and fell forty feet to the pavement and died shortly after being admitted to Hamilton Genera l Hospital.

He was buried 24 Aug 1943 at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Section 1 Lo t 75) following Mass at St. Ann’s Church. Right Rev. Mgr. Joseph F. Englert chanted High Mass of Requiem. Franklin left siblings Thomas, Gordon, Barry, Margaret and Charles.

Augustin H.Cox died aged only 12 on 21 Jan 1921.

Augustin was with two 12 year old chums in a friend's basement at a shooting range. The inexperience of one boy meant a 22 rifle was discharged unexpectedly. A bullet entered his body just below the armpit and he died almost instantly.

Augustin was buried at St. Mary's Cemetery in Hamilton. He left siblings Imelda, Viola, Helen and Joseph.

Fathers of the boys were half brothers. I can only imagine the grief in this extended family. The little boys were 2nd cousins twice removed to someone in the LGS. (Ed.: that would be the author)