Tryon, Anne: A Book titled "A Holiday in the Country"

A printing of a child's book in 1907 isn't very old by some standards but this book is special as it was printed by the Scottish company called “Valentine & Sons 1907 Ltd.” Scotland has a special place in my heart.

John Valentine who made wood blocks for printing silk started his printing company in 1825. His son James added his talents as an engraver and photographer and then James's son William Dobson was in charge.

In 1880 Christmas cards were the item followed by postcards in 1896. The British government allowed correspondence on the back of postcards in 1897.

The business expanded to several parts of the world including Canada. In 1983 all interests outside of Britain were sold and greeting cards were now the item. In 1963 the company became the subsidiary of John Waddington of London. In 1980 Hallmark took over the cards and finally in 1994 the Dundee office was closed.

My book, A HOLIDAY IN THE COUNTRY, does not have an author. It was not on the for-sale lists or the collection lists. Because I can imagine my Aunt Jenny reading her Christmas gift book it is special to me.

Do you have one of their books, postcards, greeting cards or ??? stuck away in your collections?

I found 3 postcards of Cobourg scenes and an English post card sent in 1931 all being published by a Valentine company.

Jenny Stevenson, born 1907, received the book for Christmas from her cousin, Roy Gibson. The book was printed during her birth year.