Long, Fred:
Campbellford Victory Parade

Campbellford Victory Parade

by Fred Long

The accompanying picture was taken in June 1945. It was a victory parade in Campbellford. Every village and town in Northumberland had its own celebration to mark the end of World War 2.

The sidewalks were filled with happy people as they watched this parade. The fanciest horses and wagons and the most important dignitaries were on hand to share the victory. In this picture you can see a white-haired W. W. Fraser, the M.P. for Northumberland at the time. He was waving his hat to the crowd. Two other important people, a Mr. Doxsee and Mr. Ferris could be seen wearing their stovepipe hats. If you have a Campbellford background you will know that Doxsee and Ferris are names of a street and a park in the town.

The gentleman in the front of the carriage (wearing the fedora) was the Mayor of Campbellford, Frank F. Long. He had the distinction of being the mayor from 1939 to 1945. In other words he held this important office during the depression years as well as during the war. Mr. Long was a prominent business man in the town. Long’s Restaurant and Confectionery was a major feature of Front Street for 67 years.

Campbellford June 1945