Members Research Interests

The Society maintains information on the family names being researched by its members locally, nationally and internationally. The following name summary comprises all the names in our database for search engines to index. The spreadsheet below the summary includes some additional names submitted electronically to a suitable database structure and released for public access. Below that spreadsheet is another compiled from annual submissions by members on paper.

To contact a member, send a message using our Contact form stating the name(s) of interest and the member's LGS# along with the nature of your inquiry.

Name Summary

Adams; Ainsworth; Aitchison; Andrews; Andrews, Thomas; Anstead; Armstrong, Mary; Arndt, Wilhelm, Chistoph, Fredric; Arnold; Arnold (Arnoldi) Friedrick; Ash; Austead; Bain, Duncan; Bakewell, Ebenezer; Bannon, John; Bannon, John; Barclay; Barnicott; Beadle; Beadle; Beatson; Bellamy, Joseph; Belzar, Terezia; Bettison; Blakely; Bogg; Boult/Bowlt, Jane Elizabeth; Bray, ; Breault (Brau, Brot), Pierre; Brown; Brownley; Bryson, Samuel; Buckett; Buckinham; Burnham; Caine; Campbell, George; Campbell, John; Campbell, John; Carter; Carter, Thomas; Cochrane; Coe; Colling, Elizabeth; Colton; Comeau; Cowell, Jane; Cox, Thomas; Crocker; Crosgrey; Dade; Davey; Davies; Davis, David; DeGeer, Michael; Deguerre; Denny, Ernest; Denny, Ruby May; Dick, Jacob; Draper; Draper; Dunhan (Dohan), Bridget; Earl; Easton; EDWARDS, Alfred; EDWARDS, George; Elmer; Enright, Timothy; Ferguson, Jacob; Forster; Fuller, Robert; Gaines, Mary Jane; Garwood; Gary; German; Gibson; Gibson; Gilbert, William & Carlsen; Goosen, or Goertzgn; Gordon; Greenway; Grier; Haberleitner; Hall, Janet; Hartley; Hawkey; Hendry, David; Hicks; Hicks; Hillmer, Carl or Henry; Hislop, James; Hogg; Hogg; Hopps, William; HORNE, Fred William; Houghton; Ingram, Alexander; Irish; Jacobs; Jacobs; Jacobsen, Waldemar; Jeachke; Jeffrey, Andrew; Jeffrey, John; Jeffrey, William; Johnston, John; Joslin, William; Kelly, Edith; Kiesow, Amelia; Kimball; Kinkley, John & Melissa; Ledingham; Linton; Lonsberry, David, Henry,Marvel; Lowry; Lowry, Hamilton; MacArthur; Makepeace, George; McCubbin, John; McDonald; McGrath, Bridget; McGrath, Bridget; McKeag; McKeever; McLean; McMillan; McMillan, Archibald; McNall; Melmer; Merriam; MERRILL; Mewett; Middleton; Millar; Miller, Jacob; Milligan; Moffatt; Morgan, Jane; Morgan, William; Morphet; Morrison; Morton; Muwdy; Nelson; Niles; Nuy; Ondrussek, Anna; Patrick; Pauline, Amy C.; Pello; Pethick; Petrie, Thomas; Postgate, William; Precious; Preston; Preston; Ralls; Randall; Randall, John; Rann, William; Rawlins, Samuel; Raymond; Richards; Riley, John; Ritchie; Robb, William; Robin; Robins; Robinson, Sarah; Robinson, William; Rollings; Roscoe; Ross; Ross; Rowlands, David; Rowlands, David; Rugers; Rutledge, William Garfield; Sampson; Sampson; Sanderson, Jean; Sandham, Bridget; Sandham, William; Sandham, William; Sandhom; Sargeant,Ada Gertrude; Seymour, Henry; Simmons, James; Smart; Smith, John; Smith, Richard; South; Stevenson; Stokes; Stover; Suttie, Peter; Tate, Richard; Thirtle; Todd; Topliss, James; Trew; Tucker, Lilyan; Turraville; Tweedie, Thomas; Varty; Varty; Vint; Wackertin, Franz; Walker; Warkentin; Warren; Wass; White, Gilbert; Willcocks, Isiah; Wilson; Wilson; Wood; Wren, William; Wright, Annis

Members Interests as of Oct 10, 2019 by name