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To sign in, you log into a Google account with the username which is your email address on record in our Members List and the webmaster will have to have included that address in the Google LGS Members Group. If you have difficulty gaining access, please contact the webmaster.

A Google Account gives you a common login to multiple Google Services, each of which may have its own account. A Gmail account by itself is not a Google Account nor does a Google Account necessarily require a Gmail address as its username. When registering for a Google Account and you do not already have a Gmail account, you have a choice between having your non-Gmail email address as your Google Account ID or username and having a (new) Gmail account as your ID. On the registration form, click on the hyperlink "I prefer to use my current email address" to assign non-Gmail email address to your Google Account as your Google Account ID or username . If you choose as your new Google Account username an email address that is different from what we have on record, please notify us of both your new and old addresses by email, preferably from your old email account, at the email address of the Membership Chair or Webmaster (as a member, you will know these).

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