These are short stories about ancestors of members of Lakeshore Genealogical Society. Reflecting our diverse origins, some are set locally, others overseas. Numerous presentations have been made about our ancestries at our meetings, some of which having been published or abstracted in our newsletter Links which has limited circulation. Story creation and distribution expanded dramatically with the inauguration of our Mystery Ancestor Night in January, 2009.

Mystery Ancestor Night

In this annual January meeting, several members anonymously prepare a display describing (and even naming) an ancestor. The mystery is not the ancestor; rather, it is the anonymous presenter. Displays are set up out of view and then members are let loose on them to scrutinize for clues and make their best guesses about who made them. It is a great way to learn something about our fellow members and is a fertile annual occasion for the generation of member stories. Our Program chairperson has made a point of capturing these presentations and making them available to the local newspaper and to the now-defunct community history website Hardscrabble. Now numbering almost 50, they are listed and linked below and presented with supplementary links for some. 

Many of the stories have been compiled and paraphrased by Cecilia Nasmith in feature articles in the local newspaper Northumberland Today. Many of those prior to 2014 can be found online at

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