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Daughters of the American Revolution. DAR patriot index.   

Moulton, Joy Wade. Genealogical resources in English repositories.   

Ryan, James G., 1950. Irish records : sources for family & local history.   

McKenzie, Donald A. More notices from Methodist papers, 1830-1857.   

White, Phyllis H. A history of Elias Smith, U.E., 1736 - 1820.   

Watson, Robert T. The broken twig : an illustration of Belmont Township.   

Macnab, Dorrine Robertson, 1924. Loyalist lineages of Canada, volume II.   

 Cobourg Daily Star : local newspaper index.   

Young, Mary Lynch, comp. Descendants of Josiah Bull Jr. (1738-1813) of Dutchess County, N.Y. and his ancestry (Josiah , John , Isaac ).   

McKenzie, Donald A. Death notices from the Canada Christian Advocate 1858-1872.   

Peters, Margaret Hagerman. Canton Church : a brief history of the church, the community and its people with anecdotes.   

Reeve, Harold. The history of the Township of Hope.   

 Millie : family and friends.   

Carruthers, V. Clyde. Carruthers family history : for the descendents of William Carruthers born County Dumfriesshire, Scotland, ca 1740.   

Ring, J. L. The Harnden family 1731 - 1989.   

Bond, Mary E. Canadian directories 1790 - 1987 : a bibliography and place-name index.   

Olynyk, Carolyn. The Allans of Cobourg.   

McDaniels, Annie. The Simon saga continues..   

Crowder, Norman Kenneth, 1926. Early Ontario settlers : a source book.   

Colson, Lucille Workman. The Workman family history.   

Shearer, Frank. The family and descendants of Archibald Shearer of Mossbank, Ayrshire, Scotland, born 1720.   

Crowder, Norman Kenneth, 1926. Ontario people :1796 -1803.   

Bergeron, Susan. Northumberland County cemeteries project.   

Elliott, Bruce S. Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Durham..   

Elliott, Bruce S. Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Hastings - Prince Edward.   

Elliott, Bruce S. Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Peterborough - Victoria.   

Richardson, Aureen I. V. Warkworth cheese country.   

Martin, Norma. Gore's Landing and the Rice Lake Plains.   

Fanning, Arline, 1940. The Tripps of Quinte.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1803-1825.   

Bradley, Joshua N. The diaries of Joshua N. Bradley, 1864 -1916 /Joshua N. Bradley; transcript prepared by Lois Bradley Collar.   

Mackay, Stuart Douglas. The descendants of John Caddy.   

 Canton Methodist /United Church, Hope Township, Northumberland County, Ontario : burial records 1861 - 1919, pew rentals 1856 - , partial books of account 1856 - , cemetery owners and layout, marriage register 1896 - 1932.   

Colletta, John Philip, 1949. They came in ships : a guide to finding your immigrant ancestor's arrival record.   

McKenzie, Donald A. Upper Canada naturalization records, 1828-1850.   

Conkey, Donald S. A 212 year family history of the Nathaniel Davidson & Jane Donaldson family 1781-1993.   

 A tree of families 1989 : Waldies, Macks, Lewises, Taylors, Sceas, Dills, Bokes, Phifers, Schmitzes, Webers.   

Todd, Eleanor. Burrs and blackberries from Goodwood.   

Comeau, Jean Mary, 1922. McColls! Who are you?   

 Shaw and Boyd : including Harnden, Broomfield, Gartshore, Clouston, Tait and Bibby.   

Hill, Arlene Bibby. Memoirs of Kenneth Bruce Bibby : family genealogy Bibby, Mills, Bixby, Green, Stratton.   

Bergeron, Susan. Haldimand Township Census index 1851 and 1891, Northumberland County ; Trenton Census index 1891, Hastings County.   

Bergeron, Susan. Percy Township census indexes, 1851 and 1891, and Campbellford Village census index 1891, Northumberland County.   

 Lawless family history Ireland and Canada.   

Butler, T. Owen. Butler family.   

 Bull family history.   

Walker, Dan. The marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West : Volume 7 Part 1 : Newcastle District 1810-1848.   

 The Canadian mercantile almanack for 1847, being the third after leap year, and the tenth year of the reign of her most gracious majesty Queen Victoria.   

Bergeron, Susan. Brighton village census indexes, 1861 - 1901, Northumberland County.   

Briggs, Elizabeth. Handbook for reading & interpreting old documents : with examples from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives.   

United Church of Canada. Guide to family history research in the archival repositories of the United Church of Canada.   

7th Town Historical Society. 7th Town /Ameliasburgh Township past & present.   

McMahon, Donna. Just ordinary people : a genealogy.   

 19th century Port Hope.   

Hubble-Kauhanen, Celeste, 1918. Register of the descendants of Nehemiah Hubble and Lucretia Welton.   

Reeve, Harold. Index to The History of the Township of Hope.   

Brose, Susan, 1961. Birth registrations, 1890-1898: Brighton Township, Brighton Village, Cramahe Township, Murray Township, Northumberland County.   

McBride, Robert C. Exploring our family past : McBride family newsletters.   

 Memories of Haldimand Township : when the lakes roared.   

 Port Hope cemetery records : St. John's and Union.   

 Trinity United Church parish records 1832 -1968.   

Stinson, Bruce C. Colonel William S Marsh of Manchester, Vermont, 1738-1816 and his descendants.   

Gordon, Edward John (Rev). Father Gordon's register 1830 - 1833.   

 Scotland and your Scottish ancestry.   

 Warkworth Journal April 1892 - December 1984.   

Gilchrist, J. Brian. Genealogy and local history to 1900 : a bibliography selected from the catalogue of the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM).   

Burley, Agnes Zealand. The Zealand family.   

Taylor, Ryan. Routes to roots : a collection of "Tracing your roots" columns from the Kitchener-Waterloo record, 1993-1997.   

White, Phyllis. The descendants of Elias Smith "U.E. of Hope" 1736 - 1820.   

St. Denis, Louise. Gifts to create from your research material.   

St. Denis, Louise. Ask lots of questions, get lots of answers : a book with all the questions to review a complete life story ... from the memories as a young child through the retirement years.   

St. Denis, Louise. Planning a fabulous family reunion.   

Christensen, Penelope. What did they do?   

St. Denis, Louise. Finding your French-Canadian ancestors /Louise St. Denis.   

St. Denis, Louise. Protect your precious documents.   

 Eliakim Barnum of Haldimand Township, Ontario : a genealogical review c1300 -1997.   

Shorey, B. E. Sampson Shore and his Shorey descendants.   

McLeod, Wendy. The Wellwood families of Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.   

McLeod, Wendy. The Farr family of Long Parish, Hampshire, England and Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.   

Wilson, Thomas B., 1932. Marriage bonds of Ontario 1803-1834.   

Bergeron, Susan. Colborne Village census index, 1891 ; Alnwick Township census index, 1891 ; Seymour Township census index, 1851 and 1891, Northumberland County.   

Cole, Jean Murray, 1927. South Monaghan : the Garden of Eden.   

Eagles, Burton Weller, 1922. The Weller family history : volume 1 : England to New England.   

St. Denis, Louise. A Canadian directory for Genealogists.   

Waldon, Fred. The Waldon family genealogy 1735 - 1997.   

Roper, Gordon. A Caddy chronicle.   

Philp, Bessie May, 1874-1941. Excerpts from the diaries of Bessie May Philp (1874-1941).   

Reid, Roger William Gaffield. Some Coffee /Coffey families from Ireland.   

Cook, Glenda (Tinney). Tinney tales : stories of some of the members of the Tinney family and their descendants.   

Streeter, Eunice (Stutt Davis). The seeking vine, 1709 - 1918.   

 Hamilton Township, 1848 Census.   

McNabb, Luanne. Family health trees : genetics & genealogy.   

West, Doreen 1929. Baltimore Memories.   

Schaefer, Christina K. Genealogical encyclopedia of the colonial Americas : a complete digest of the records of all the countries of the Western Hemisphere.   

Walker, Dan. The Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West : Volume 10 : Colborne District 1841-1857.   

Elliott, Bruce S. Men of Upper Canada: Militia nominal rolls, 1828-1829.   

Tanguay, Cyprien, 1819-1902. Dictionnaire genealogique des familles canadiennes.   

Slingsby, Carrie J., comp. Index to marriage registrations of Ontario, Canada 1869-1873.   

Russell, Bill. Records of the Federal Department of Indian Affairs at the National Archives of Canada.   

Browne, David J. Index to Ontario settlement names resulting from the OGS strays project.   

Bourrie, Doris B. HELP! There's a skeleton in my closet.   

Bourrie, Doris B. Researching Canadian census records.   

Normandeau-Jones, Lea, 1927. French forts in New France (North America).   

Crant, Bill, 1954. Finding your ancestors in Newfoundland and Labrador...   

 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Cobourg, Ont. - Parish Records, 1843-1877.   

Archives of Ontario. Land Record Index.   

Quinn, Cliff. Down on the farm : recollections of Cramahe Township and beyond.   

Cowin, David. Descendants of John & Peggey Cowin (1811-1999).   

Stinson, Wm. G. The history of the Loyalist Stinson family.   

Lloyd, Sherron (Jibb). Jibb sails: the life & times of Joseph & Mary Jibb's descendants (1800-1999).   

Massey, Warner B. Masseyology : 1550-2000.   

Sweeney, Joan, 1930. Me and my family tree.   

Smith, William D. In the shadow of the everlasting hills : the family history of William Thackery and Margaret Brown, pioneer settlers in Alnwick Township, Ontario.   

 Descendants of James Brisbin of Saratoga, New York, 1724-1999.   

Wolfraim, Harry E. Wolfraim family time capsule : prepared for the official opening of the Nora Barr Wolfraim Foyer at the Cobourg Public Library, April 11, 2000.   

Bolton, Barbara. Port Hope census index, 1861, Northumberland County.   

 Passenger and Immigration lists index, 1500s - 1900s.   

 Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland 1848-1864.   

Brøderbund. Passenger and immigration lists Irish immigrants to North America, 1803-1871. -.   

Walker, Dan, 1961. The marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West : Volume 11 Part 1 : Home District 1808-1836.   

Gibson, June. Surrogate Court index of Ontario, Canada, 1859-1900 Volume 2 : Hastings & Prince Edward Counties.   

Collens, Thelma. The McCracken Family of Alnwick Township.   

McCoskery, Anna Jean (Wilson). Gabetis, Kent, Ellenor, Ingham.   

Rumpel, Renie A. (Renie Arlene), 1942. Roman Catholic marriage registers in Ontario, Canada, 1828-1870.   

Smith, William D. Our Precious cousins :from Yorkshire to Precious Corners, Hamilton Township, Ontario.   

Collens, Thelma. The Montgomery family of Alnwick & Haldimand Townships.   

Acton, John A. Index of passengers who emigrated to Canada between 1817 and 1849.   

Usher, Robert S. Our branch : being a partial history of the Newton, Usher, Love and Kerr families.   

Gollinger-Lorente, Catherine. Fegan index of home children.   

Galford, Ellen. The genealogy handbook : the complete guide to tracing your family tree.   

Bergeron, Susan. Brighton Township census indexes, 1851 - 1901, Northumberland County.   

Maughan, Muriel Brooks. Pioneer stories of Cold Springs.   

MacDonald, Kenneth. The McDonalds and Campbells of Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada.   

Fennell, Lyle. The descendants of John Sargeant and the descendants of Alexander Nobles.   

Brose, Susan, 1961. Births, Northumberland County, Ontario.   

Baxter, Angus, 1912. In search of your British & Irish roots : a complete guide to tracing your English, Welsh, Scottish, & Irish ancestors.   

Milne, Catherine. Pages from the past of Hamilton Township.   

Boyle, Jack. The Boyle Family history.   

Dodds, Sharon. Castleton Cemetery.   

Smith, William D. Early records and sketch of the inhabitants of Alnwick Township, Northumberland County, District of Newcastle, Canada West.   

Smith, William D. Descendants of John Thackerary and Anne Hawkins : four generations with details of Howson Family, Hunter Family, Simpson Family, Taylor Family, Thackeray Family, Treleaven Family.   

Baxter, Angus, 1912. In search of your European roots : a complete guide to tracing your ancestors in every country in Europe.   

Shorey, Mary. Shorey genealogy.   

Gregory, Alan F. Edwin and Lula Guillet of Cobourg, ON, 1863-1950.   

Coughlan, Timothy B. Memories of Hastings.   

Birney, Archie. Memories, 1906-1980.   

Bourrie, Doris B. Finding your Canadian ancestors-.   

Taylor, Ryan. Researching Canadian archival centres.   

Murphy, Sharon L. Researching Canadian land records.   

Taylor, Ryan. Researching Canadian newspaper records.   

Murphy, Sharon L. Researching Canadian vital statistics records-- births, marriages and deaths.   

MacCarl, Ronnie. Researching Canadian wills & estates-.   

Christensen, Penelope. How do I prove it?   

Christensen, Penelope. Research at the Family History Center.   

Normandeau-Jones, Lea, 1927. Finding your Acadian ancestors-.   

Borgstede, Arlene, 1939. Finding your ancestors in Alberta-.   

Douglas, Althea, 1926. Finding your ancestors in English Québec-.   

Douglas, Althea, 1926. Finding your ancestors in New Brunswick-.   

McClure, Rhonda R. Finding your famous (& infamous) ancestors : uncover the celebrities, rogues, and royals in your family tree.   

Best, Laura. Genealogy for the first time : research your family history.   

Taylor, Ryan. Researching Canadian religious records.   

Macklin, Kenneth C. Macklin pioneers : early settlement of Northumberland County, Ontario.   

Wolfman, Ira. Climbing your family tree : online and offline genealogy for kids : the official Ellis Island handbook.   

Harren, Willa. The Weir family history.   

Grehan, Ida. Irish family histories.   

Harren, Willa. The Harren family history.   

Austin, Leona M. As the crow flies ... : the story of the people and communities around Wooler.   

 The Port Hope Directory for 1856-57 : containing an alphabetical list of the heads of families, business men and mechanics, their several places of business and residences, brief notices of the religious, literary and benevolent associations of the Town, fire department...list of streets.   

Bergeron, Susan. Northumberland County census indexes : Murray Township 1851-1901.   

Bergeron, Susan. Cramahe Township census indexes, 1851-1901, Northumberland County.   

Millman, Thomas R. (Thomas Reagh). The story of St. George's Church Grafton.   

Richardson, Aureen I. V. Historic visions of J. D. Kelly /Aureen Richardson, sponsored by Percy Seniors, Warkworth, Northumberland County.   

Wisdom, Emma J. A practical guide to planning a family reunion.   

Argyris, Eileen, 1953. Cramahe Township : bicentennial heritage edition, 1797 - 1992.   

Lakeshore Genealogical Society. Cold Springs United Church formerly the Congregational Church of Cold Springs (Cold Springs, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Ontario) : Church history and indexed records, 1840-1904.   

Barrowclough, Edna I. Port Hope cemeteries transcripts : Old Presbyterian, St. John's Anglican, St. Mark's Anglican, St. Mary's Roman Catholic.   

Birney, Allan N., 1935. The Inglis line..   

Barrowclough, Edna I. Hope Township cemeteries transcripts, ca. 1976.   

Campbell, William Munro, 1915. The early family history of the Jeffrey-Masson family.   

Gordon, Hugh. The Dryden family 1296-1989.   

Richardson, Aureen I. V. Weaving on the family loom.   

Barrowclough, Edna I. Union Cemetery, Town of Port Hope, Ontario. : Gravestone transcript 1979.   

Lovely-Campbell, Linda. Cramahe Township cemeteries transcripts 1988.   

Stenberg, France Forrester Walker, 1932. The Noxon family in North America.   

Ronnow, Verna, 1938. Inventory of cemeteries in Ontario : a genealogical research guide.   

Ruttan, Henry N. Henry Norlande 1912. A part of the family of Ruttan : 1590-1986.   

 United counties of Northumberland & Durham assessment and collectors' rolls, 1803-1869.   

Buttar, Jack A. The Buttars family book of rememberance associated with the Murray clan in Perthsire 1432 and things I heard from my grandparents and others.   

 Upper Canada gleanings. Part 1 : liquor licences to 1841 - Newcastle District.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hamilton Township : census indexes, 1842, 1851, 1861, 1881, 1891.   

Archives of Ontario. Municipal records : Newcastle District census & assessment rolls. 1803-1850.   

Birney, Archie. Family history of Thomas Birney, 1752-1838.   

Vinke, John L., 1924. Canadian lineage of the Jayne.   

Archives of Ontario. Canada West Census Returns 1850.   

Lean, Robert James. Home to Camborne : the ancestry of Sharon & Brian Lean, volume 1 (Paternal Grandfather Lineage).   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hamilton Township and Town of Cobourg Assessment Rolls, 1841-1847 : index form.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Cobourg census index : 1842, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891.   

Archives of Ontario. Township of Hamilton assessment and collector's Rolls, 1857-1900.   

Elliott, Bruce S. Index to the 1871 census of Ontario : Northumberland.   

Bickle, Ethel F. (Ethel Farley), 1924. In and around Canton.   

Bell Telephone Company of Canada. Telephone directories Eastern Ontario exchanges.   

Turpin, Lillian Dorothea McKim. The churchmouse : a tale of past memories.   

 The history of Cramahe Township : Castleton, Dundonald, Edville, Morganston, Salem, Shilo, Red Cloud.   

 Municipal records Section A. Hope Twp.   

United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. Early Methodist records: Methodist Episcopal Church.   

Hartwell, John F. The Hartwells of America: a genealogy of all Hartwell families of the U.S. and Canada based largely on the Handbook of Hartwell Genealogy 1887.   

Bell, W. Bruce William Bruce. Bell family history, 1756-1987.   

McKenzie, Donald A. Obituaries from Ontario's Christian Guardian, 1861-1870.   

Municipal Records. Section A. Hope Twp.   

Jesseman, L. L. (Leonard L.). Bethesda North Church Cemetery record book, 1860-1986 (includes updates to 1996) : Haldimand Township, near Harwood, Ont.   

Adamson, Anthony, 1906. Wasps in the attic.   

Barrett, Joan. Being a history of Midloch Farm, Hamilton Twp.   

Haldimand Township Office. Haldimand Township Cemeteries, Northumberland County.   

St. Peter's Church (Cobourg, Ont.). St. Peter's Anglican Church parish registers, 1819-1874.   

Martin, Norma. St. George's Anglican Church, Gore's Landing, Hamilton Township, Ontario : marriage, baptism & burial records 1852-1987.   

Robson, Marion Cuthbertson. Doc's shop : a small town smithy remembers bygone days.   

Flindall, R. D. (Ronald Douglas), 1942. J. M. Flindall : the uncommon man.   

Hare, Helen. The Johnston story : Scotland and Canada 1754-1987.   

Calhoun, Orval O., 1905. The epic of an English Wilson family in Canada, 1784-1969.   

Nett, Emily M. Canadian families past and present.   

Wilson, Thomas B., 1932. Directory of the province of Ontario 1857 with a gazeteer.   

 Pioneer life on the Bay of Quinte (Upper Canada/Ontario).   

McKenzie, Donald A. Death notices from the Christian Guardian, 1836-1850.   

Zuefelt, Bill, 1933- . Court of probate : registers and estate files at the Archives of Ontario 1793-1859 : an index for genealogical research.   

Mikel, Robert D. Union, St. Andrew's, Hull's Corner's cemetery transcripts, 1982.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hamilton Township settlement : census and assessment rolls, 1797-1819 inclusive in index form.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hamilton Township census rolls for 1840, 1848 & 1850 in index form.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hamilton Township index of surnames : census and assessment rolls 1820-1829 inclusive.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hamilton Township indexes of census and assessment rolls, 1830 to 1839 inclusive.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Cobourg agricultural census and index, 1851 : assessment roll and index 1856 and assessment roll and index 1859.   

Leonard, James C. St. Michael's Cemetery transcript.   

Leonard, James C. St. Peter's Cemetery transcript.   

Fitzgerald, E. Keith. Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe's District Loyalist Rolls 1796-1803 : likely the basis of all Loyalist rolls.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hamilton Township : an index of surnames appearing in the Registry Office abstract index, 1800 - 1860.   

Milne, Catherine. Hamilton Township cemeteries.   

Amell, William. Cobourg Star 1831-1849 : births, marriages, deaths - supplement.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Cobourg Star 1831-1849 : births, marriages, deaths.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. An index of surnames appearing in the Registry Office Abstract Index for the Town of Cobourg, 1800 - 1860.   

Guillet, Edwin C., 1898-1975. The Guillet-Thoreau genealogy.   

Cobourg Newspaper Index. Cobourg World, 1901-1905 : local historical newspaper index.   

Cobourg Newspaper Index. Cobourg World, 1906-1911 : local historical newspaper index.   

 Cobourg Star, 1848-1849 : Cobourg Sentinel, 1862-1878; Cobourg World 1879-1885, 1893-1900 : Local historical newspaper index.   

Mennie-de Varennes, Kathleen, 1931. Annotated bibliography of genealogical works in Canada.   

Hoople, Elizabeth L. The Hooples of Hoople's Creek.   

Whyte, Donald. A dictionary of Scottish emigrants to Canada before Confederation.   

Johnston, Marilyn A. We shook the family tree : a short history of the Archibald and George Johnston families.   

Chadwick, Edward Marion, 1840-1921. Ontarian families : genealogies of United Empire Loyalists and other pioneer families of Upper Canada.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. The genealogy of John Haw, 1821-1916.   

Britnell, W. E. County marriage registers of Ontario, Canada, 1858-1869.   

 Thomas Staples 1748-1825 : family genealogy.   

Wilson, Thomas B., 1932. The Ontario register.   

Reid, William D. Death notices of Ontario.   

Reid, William D. The Loyalists in Ontario : the sons and daughters of the American Loyalists of upper Canada.   

Morgan, Lynn A. Loyalist lineages of Canada, 1783-1983.   

Fitzgerald, E. Keith. Loyalist lists : over 2000 Loyalist names and families from the Haldimand papers.   

Shepard, Catherine. Surrogate court records at the Archives of Ontario : a genealogical research guide.   

McKenzie, Donald A. Death notices from the Christian Guardian, 1851-1860.   

Wilson, Thomas B., 1932. Ontario marriage notices.   

Reid, William D. Marriage notices of Ontario.   

Antliff, W. Bruce. Loyalist settlements, 1783-1789 : new evidence of Canadian Loyalist claims.   

Birney, Allan N., 1935. Oak Heights neighbours, 1800-1950.   

Faux, David Kenneth, 1947. Understanding Ontario First Nations genealogical records : sources and cases.   

Saul, Pauline. The family historian's enquire within / Pauline Saul.   

Johnson, Keith A. Genealogical research directory : national & international.   

Lancaster, Shirley Ellen. Strays! : an index to the OGS Strays Project.   

Browne, David J. Strays! : married name index to Volumes I to III of the OGS Strays Project.   

Herman, Linda S. Curtis family.   

Herman, Linda S. Wessel/Wessels family.   

Herman, Linda S. Spencer family.   

Smith, Ronald, F. R. Our Smith family heritage.   

Stenberg, France Forrester Walker, 1932. Supplement to the Noxon family in America : additions and corrections May 1991.   

Douglas, Althea, 1926. Tools of the trade for Canadian genealogy : a guide for family historians researching in Canada.   

Waller, Russ. U. E. Loyalist links, volume 4 : Durham & Northumberland Counties.   

Birney, Allan N., 1935. Burials by ministers of St. Peter's Church, Cobourg, 1820-1928 : burials not located in any cemetery.   

Williams, Bill. Samis & related families.   

Lakeshore Genealogical Society. Surname search : a collection of names being searched, and the addresses of the searchers.   

Labrosse-Purcell, Michelle. Researching Canadian uncommon sources.   

Douglas, Althea, 1926. Here be dragons! : navigating the hazards found in Canadian family research : a guide for genealogists with some uncommon useful knowledge.   

Douglas, Althea, 1926. Here be dragons, too! : more navigational hazards for the Canadian family researcher : a companion volume to Here be Dragons!   

Mills, Elizabeth Shown. Evidence! : citation & analysis for the family historian.   

Harris, Maurine, 1946. Ancestry's concise genealogical dictionary.   

Taylor, Ryan. Books you need to do genealogy in Ontario : an annotated bibliography.   

Nehemiah Hubble Family Heritage Association. Corrections to : The descendants of Nehemiah Hubble and Lucretia Welton .   

Carmack, Sharon DeBartolo. Your guide to cemetery research.   

Douglas, Althea, 1926. Canadian railway records : a guide for genealogists.   

Obee, Dave, 1953. Federal voters lists in Ontario, 1935-1979 : a finding aid.   

Obee, Dave, 1953. Destination Canada : a guide to 20th century immigration records.   

Crerar, Jacqueline E.M., 1951. Of lake, land & river : a genealogical history of the White family, 1784-2005.   

Chorzempa, Rosemary A., 1951. Morbus : why and how our ancestors died : a genealogist's dictionary of terms found in vital records with descriptions of the diseases as they relate to the health of our ancestors /.   

LDS Library. Canada : research outline.   

LDS Library. Ireland : research outline.   

LDS Library. Scotland : research outline.   

LDS Library. United States : research outline.   

LDS Library. England : research outline.   

DS Library. Ontario : research outline.   

 Hamilton Township growth management study.   

Dunford, Fraser, 1944. Municipal records in Ontario : history and guide.   

Hartwell, John F. The Hartwells of America: 1962 supplement to the 1956 Hartwell genealogy.   

Stinson, Wm. G. The history of the Loyalist Stinson family index.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1826-1839.   


Stinson, Wm. G. The history of the Loyalist Stinson family index.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1826-1839.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1840-1846.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1847-1851.   

McGillis, Donna S. Index to marriage records of St. George's Anglican Church, Gore's Landing, 1907-1940 : supplement I.   

Walker, Dan. The marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West : Volume 7 Part 2 : Newcastle District 1848-1855.   

Walker, Dan, 1961. The marriage registers of Upper Canada/Canada West : Volume 11 Part 2 : Home District 1835-1843.   

Gregory, Alan F. Frank and Marie Gregory of Lindsay, Ontario 1883-1976.   

Skinner, Ward. The Jeffrey and Mcleod families of Cobourg, Ontario.   

Hancocks, Elizabeth. Surrogate Court index of Ontario, Canada, 1859-1900 Volume 4 : Northumberland & Durham Counties.   

Gibson, June. Surrogate Court index of Ontario, Canada, 1859-1900 Volume 21 : Victoria County.   

Tanguay, Cyprien, 1819-1902. Corrections and additions to the Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes.   

Austin, Leona M. Wooler 100 years : through the lens of a camera.   

 Centennial of the incorporation of the village of Brighton : 1859-1959.   

Argyris, Eileen, 1953. Loyal ties : Reid family history - Volume 1.   

Archives of Ontario. Municipal records : towns and townships of the United counties of Northumberland & Durham assessment & collector's rolls, 1850-1870.   

Merriman, Brenda Dougall. United Empire Loyalists : a guide to tracing Loyalist ancestors in Upper Canada.   

Stratford-Devai, Fawne, 1963. Getting from here to there : identifying the origin of immigrants to Canada : links & resources.   

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