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Jesseman, L. L. (Leonard L.). From out of the past : the story of Bethesda Church, Bomanton, Ontario (Harwood).   

 St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church : a history - Cobourg, Ontario.   

Cobourg and District Historical Society. Cobourg and District Historical Society Historical Review.   

Milne, Catherine. Village settlements of Hamilton Township.   

 Cobourg Daily Star : local newspaper index.   

Burwash, N. (Nathanael), 1839-1918. The history of Victoria College.   

Victoria College. Victoria College.   

Cobourg Heavy Battery. The 2nd Canadian Heavy Battery in the World War, 1914 to 1919 record of the battery from mobilization in 1914 to demobilization in 1919 including battle engagements and battery positions.   

Guillet, Edwin C., 1898-1975. The valley of the Trent.   

Wattie, Dora Emily. Cobourg 1784 - 1867.   

 Cold Springs Presbyterian Church session book, 1848 - 1924.   

Brown, Ron, 1945. Ghost railways of Ontario.   

Walker, Karen. Fortunes by the lake : a short history of Cobourg.   

Peters, Margaret Hagerman. Canton Church : a brief history of the church, the community and its people with anecdotes.   

Reeve, Harold. The history of the Township of Hope.   

 Register of the Methodist Episcopal Church Hope Circuit : (later called the Canton Circuit)1870s to 1920s.   

Richardson, Aureen I. V. Warkworth cheese country.   

 Cobourg Daily Star.   

Cross, Rev. Raymond J. And the pink snow fell... the story of the Port Hope gas explosion.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1803-1825.   

Bradley, Joshua N. The diaries of Joshua N. Bradley, 1864 -1916 /Joshua N. Bradley; transcript prepared by Lois Bradley Collar.   

 Canton Methodist /United Church, Hope Township, Northumberland County, Ontario : burial records 1861 - 1919, pew rentals 1856 - , partial books of account 1856 - , cemetery owners and layout, marriage register 1896 - 1932.   

Hubbs, Hugh. A brief history of District 49 Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation.   

Comeau, Jean Mary, 1922. McColls! Who are you?   

 Lawless family history Ireland and Canada.   

Roemer, Lillian. Remembering the Ontario No.1 and the Ontario No.2 : 43 years of sailing Lake Ontario in calm, gales, and ice.   

Sherwin, Marion Deviney. Stories.   

Ashenburg, Katherine. Going to town : architectural walking tours in southern Ontario.   

Piper, J. B. Cobourg illustrated : Canada's beautiful summer resort.   

Woodcock, Glen. The Ontario milk bottle book : rarity and price guide.   

 19th century Port Hope.   

Reeve, Harold. Index to The History of the Township of Hope.   

Brose, Susan, 1961. Birth registrations, 1890-1898: Brighton Township, Brighton Village, Cramahe Township, Murray Township, Northumberland County.   

 Memories of Haldimand Township : when the lakes roared.   

 Trinity United Church parish records 1832 -1968.   

 Warkworth Journal April 1892 - December 1984.   

von Boetticher, Walter O. W. Amalgamation in Cobourg Presbytery : challenge in ministry, ten years later.   

East Durham Historical Society. Bygone days of East Durham : a pictorial history.   

 Rice Lake Horticultural Society history 1951 - 1996.   

 Eliakim Barnum of Haldimand Township, Ontario : a genealogical review c1300 -1997.   

Browne, Bonnie. Brighton - 100 years of railroad history.   

Bergeron, Susan. Presqu'ile : Brighton, Ontario.   

Browne, Bonnie. Brighton's monument to past generations : Proctor House, Brighton, Ontario.   

Cole, Jean Murray, 1927. South Monaghan : the Garden of Eden.   

Leetooze, Sherrell Branton. Built on faith and fortitude : a brief history of Hope Township.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. A collection of Cobourg maps and plans.   

 Pictorial Brighton 1859-1984.   

Taws, Charles. The harbours of Cobourg and Port Hope.   

Climo, Victor W. World War One diary, for the years 1916 & 1918.   

Philp, Bessie May, 1874-1941. Excerpts from the diaries of Bessie May Philp (1874-1941).   

 Cobourg Public Library press clippings, 1962 - 1993.   

Hamilton Township Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Our mutual century : Hamilton Township Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 1898-1998.   

 Women's Institute - Castleton Branch, Northumberland County, Ontario Tweedsmuir history.   

Wait, Keith Rice. The history of South Haldimand Township and Wait (Waite) family history : 1775-1980.   

Women's Institute Codrington. Women's Institute - Codrington Branch, Northumberland County, Ontario Tweedsmuir history.   

West, Doreen 1929. Baltimore Memories.   

Bowden, Mark, 1951. Black hawk down : a story of modern war.   

 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Cobourg, Ont. - Parish Records, 1843-1877.   

McConnell, Peter J.. Over my shoulder : an anthology of Brighton memories.   

Clarke, Ruth. Before the silence : fifty years in the history of Alderville First Nation.   

Quinn, Cliff. Down on the farm : recollections of Cramahe Township and beyond.   

Goodwin, Clive E. A Cobourg nature diary for 1995 : an engagement calendar for naturalists.   

Leetooze, Sherrell Branton. Along the gravel road : a brief history of Cartwright Township.   

Leetooze, Sherrell Branton. The first 200 years : a brief history of Darlington Township.   

Leetooze, Sherrell Branton. From the oak plain to the lakefront : a brief history of Clarke Township.   

Leetooze, Sherrell Branton. The trail through the bush : a brief history of Manvers Township.   

Leetooze, Sherrell Branton. The Durham County companion : corrections, addendums and indexes for the brief history series of the townships of the former Durham County.   

Smith, William D. In the shadow of the everlasting hills : the family history of William Thackery and Margaret Brown, pioneer settlers in Alnwick Township, Ontario.   

 Further along on A journey of faith, 1985-1999 : the official history of Trinity United Church, Cobourg, Ontario.   

 The rolling Hills of Northumberland : a county history.   

Argyris, Eileen, 1953. How firm a foundation : a history of the Township of Cramahe and the Village of Colborne.   

Ferne, Cristall. The Percy portage.   

Smith, William D. Our Precious cousins :from Yorkshire to Precious Corners, Hamilton Township, Ontario.   

Crothers, Margaret, 1926. Gleanings : a history of Campbellford/Seymour.   

Dowe, Francis S. St. Peter's Church from the beginning, Cobourg, Ontario, 1819-1867.   

Warkworth-Percy Historical Society. Reflections of Percy Township.   

Caldwell, Colin. Railway saga.   

Cunningham, Charles Henry, b. 1885. The second World War : reminiscences of Gunner Charles H. Cunningham.   

Seward, Desmond, 1935. The Wars of the Roses : through the lives of five men and women of the fifteenth century.   

Brose, Susan, 1961. Births, Northumberland County, Ontario.   

East Durham Historical Society. History of Port Hope and Hope Township as it is linked to the history of Canada.   

Milne, Catherine. Pages from the past of Hamilton Township.   

Boyle, Jack. The Boyle Family history.   

Smith, William D. Descendants of John Thackerary and Anne Hawkins : four generations with details of Howson Family, Hunter Family, Simpson Family, Taylor Family, Thackeray Family, Treleaven Family.   

Smith, Donna. Vernonville S. S. 14, 1862 - 2002.   

The Northumberland Access to Permanent Housing Committee. Northumberland County property standards by-laws.   

McQuesten, Mary Baker, 1849-1934. The life writings of Mary Baker McQuesten : Victorian matriarch.   

Vincent, Edgar. Nelson : love & fame.   

Coughlan, Timothy B. Memories of Hastings.   

De Long, Jack F. Summer dance pavilions : Bay of Quinte area.   

 List of voters of the Township of Percy, Northumberland County, Province of Ontario for the year 1967.   

 A reminiscence of the early days.   

Bragg, Elizabeth. Barnum House.   

Wilson, Alice M. E. Sweet Alice remembers.   

Austin, Leona M. As the crow flies ... : the story of the people and communities around Wooler.   

 The Port Hope Directory for 1856-57 : containing an alphabetical list of the heads of families, business men and mechanics, their several places of business and residences, brief notices of the religious, literary and benevolent associations of the Town, fire department...list of streets.   

Millman, Thomas R. (Thomas Reagh). The story of St. George's Church Grafton.   

Wattie, Dora Emily. Cobourg 1784 - 1867.   

Argyris, Eileen, 1953. Cramahe Township : bicentennial heritage edition, 1797 - 1992.   

East Durham Historical Society. Hope and its port : two centuries of change.   

Dowe, Francis S. St. Peter's Church, Cobourg 1819-1867.   

 Sketches of our town : Cobourg, Ontario.   

Garrick, Barbara. Reflections on a railway.   

Auchinleck, Jennifer. The mad, the bad and the wretched : the Cobourg County Jail 1865 - 1875.   

 Women's Institute - Roseneath Branch, Northumberland County, Ontario Minute books 1907-1983.   

 Women's Institute - Baltimore Branch, Northumberland County, Ontario Tweedsmuir history.   

Barrett, Joan. Being a history of 130 Anne St.,Cobourg.   

 Bethesda United Church history.   

Drayton, Reginald C. L. The autobiography of R.C.L. Drayton, 1871-1884. Volume 2.   

Lovely-Campbell, Linda. Cramahe Township cemeteries transcripts 1988.   

 Canadian inventory of historic buildings : Cobourg, pre 1930 school buildings.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Let us remember : lively letters from World War One.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Does Cobourg need town planning : a study.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Fairs, farms and exhibitions.   

Lean, Robert James. Home to Camborne : the ancestry of Sharon & Brian Lean, volume 1 (Paternal Grandfather Lineage).   

 From Cobourg to Toronto, Victoria University in retrospect : the sesquicentennial lectures, 1986.   

Thomas, Jocko. From police headquarters : true tales from the big city crime beat.   

Congregational Church of Cold Springs. Cold Springs United Church, 1850 to 1975.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Cobourg's magnificent Militia : articles excerpted from the Cobourg Star, 1831-1848.   

Cobourg Public School Home and School Association. Poll books - Northumberland County. 1855-1860 /Scrapbook of Cobourg Public School Home and School Association, 1953-1966.   

Turpin, Lillian Dorothea McKim. The churchmouse : a tale of past memories.   

 The history of Cramahe Township : Castleton, Dundonald, Edville, Morganston, Salem, Shilo, Red Cloud.   

Ireland, Sandra. Some prominent citizens 1837-1937: a biographical look into the lives of some of Northumberland County's important past residents.   

Cobourg Sesquicentennial Celebrations Committee. Cobourg sesquicentennial : 1837-1987.   

Barrett, Joan. Being a history of Midloch Farm, Hamilton Twp.   

St. Peter's Church (Cobourg, Ont.). St. Peter's Anglican Church parish registers, 1819-1874.   

Nelson, G. W. C. Adopted as read : the story of Cobourg common and public schools to 1907.   

Hagen, Marion A. Opened with prayer ... : glimpses into the first hundred years of Baptist work in Cobourg.   

 A journey of faith, 1805-1985 : the official history of Trinity United Church, Cobourg, Ontario.   

Cruickshank, Tom, 1954. Port Hope : a treasury of early homes.   

Cobourg Chamber of Commerce. Souvenir of Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.   

McAllister, Daniel. Rules of order of the Municipal Council of the Town of Cobourg : passed the 10th day of August, 1903.   

 History of Roseneath Women's Institute.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Municipal Cobourg : January 13, 1832 to December 31, 1849.   

Guillet, Edwin C., 1898-1975. Index to E.C. Guillet's 'Cobourg 1798 - 1948'   

Guillet, Edwin C., 1898-1975. Cobourg 1798-1948.   

 Footsteps in time : Cobourg 1837-1987.   

Emond, Doris M. (Doris Margaret), 1919. I wonder what happened to Philip.   

Craick, W. Arnot, 1880-1969. Port Hope historical sketches.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Cobourg and Northumberland County early history : stories copied from the Cobourg World Newspaper from late 1917 through May 1919.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. I cover the waterfront : the Cobourg harbour /.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. A collection of World War I letters as published in the Cobourg World Newspaper, 1914-1919 : written by overseas service personnel from Cobourg and area.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Cobourg 1914-1919 : a magnificent sacrifice.   

Cobourg Newspaper Index. Cobourg World, 1901-1905 : local historical newspaper index.   

Cobourg Newspaper Index. Cobourg World, 1906-1911 : local historical newspaper index.   

 Cobourg Star, 1848-1849 : Cobourg Sentinel, 1862-1878; Cobourg World 1879-1885, 1893-1900 : Local historical newspaper index.   

Anderson, Lois. No change please.   

Frost, Leslie M. (Leslie Miscampbell), 1895-1973. Forgotten pathways of the Trent.   

DeCarrol, F.G.B. Reflections : Campbellford centennial year - 1976.   

Spilsbury, John R. Cobourg : early days and modern times.   

United Counties Centennial Book Committee. Two centuries of change: United Counties of Northumberland & Durham, 1767-1967.   

Craick, W. Arnot, 1880-1969. Little tales of old Port Hope.   

Reynolds, Nile. Carlow Township before the memories fade.   

McIlraith, J. Russell. The hospital story : Cobourg 1897-1980.   

MacRae, Marion, 1921. The ancestral roof; domestic architecture of Upper Canada.   

H. Belden & Co. Illustrated historical atlas of Northumberland and Durham Counties, Ontario.   

Craig, John, 1921. By the sound of her whistle.   

Broughton, J. W. D. (John William David). They desired a better country.   

Moffatt, P. C. Peter C., 1947. Time was: the story of St. Mark's Anglican Church, Port Hope.   

Emond, Albert. Cash, Chargex or blueberries.   

Broadbridge, Arthur F. (Arthur Frederick), 1915. The Church of St. Peter : Cobourg, Ontario, 1867-1978.   

Petryshyn, Jaroslav, 1947. Victorian Cobourg : a nineteenth century profile.   

Weaver, John C. Hamilton : an illustrated history.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Early Cobourg : featuring settlement, local government, and a variety of other events and records.   

Mika, Nick, 1912. Railways of Canada: a pictorial history.   

 Historical photograph collection index.   

Warkworth Community Service Club. Welcome to Warkworth.   

Northumberland Planning Committee. Local government reform in Northumberland County : analysis of and response to proposals.   

 CFMX-FM Cobourg, Ontario : a compilation of newspaper articles and letters of protest at the closing of CFMX-FM.   

 Birdseye view of Cobourg in 1874 [map].   

Birney, Allan N., 1935. Burials by ministers of St. Peter's Church, Cobourg, 1820-1928 : burials not located in any cemetery.   

Rafuse, Ted, 1944. Wooden cars on steel rails : a history of the Crossen Car Companies, Cobourg, Ontario.   

Cobourg & District Historical Society. Historically speaking : newsletter of the Cobourg & District Historical Society, October 1980.   

Ontario.Ministry of Natural Resources. Peter's Woods and Burnley Carmel management planning : reference binder EBR Registry Number PB04E6019.   

 Hamilton Township growth management study.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1826-1839.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1840-1846.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Hope Township, Ontario census & assessment alphabetical indexes 1847-1851.   

Timlin, Ewart. Cold Springs Cats History, 1975-2004.   

Willow Beach Field Naturalists. The Curlew.   

Smith, Donna. S.S.#9 Haldimand Township, Stone School : days to remember.   

Cowin, Wilf, comp. Towns and villages in Durham and Northumberland Counties.   

Austin, Leona M. Wooler 100 years : through the lens of a camera.   

 Centennial of the incorporation of the village of Brighton : 1859-1959.   

 Cobourg Daily Star.   

 Upper Canada gleanings. Part 12 : prisoners in the Cobourg Jail, District of Newcastle up to 1841.   

Hamilton, Hugo. The sailor in the wardrobe.   

 Women's Institute - Cold Springs Branch, Northumberland County, Ontario Tweedsmuir history.   

 Women's Institute - Elmview Branch, West Northumberland County, Ontario Tweedsmuir history.   

MacDonald, Archibald. The journal of Archibald MacDonald.   

Clarke, Ruth. What we hold dear : treasured memories of Alderville First Nation.   

Montagnes, Ian, 1932. Port Hope : a history.   

Goddard, Morse M. Haldimand historical background.   

Taylor, Frank. Reminiscences of the Cobourg Congregational Church.   

 Ye olden times : a series of articles relating to the early history of Cobourg and Northumberland County as published in the Cobourg World newspaper during the year 1901.   

 Centreton Public School, 1857-1966 : reunion held June 9, 2007.   

Climo, Percy Lloyd, 1906. Those early years : events and happenings leading up to the time of the formation of the Newcastle District, Upper Canada.   

Garrick, Barbara. Reflections on a railway.   

Lakeshore Genealogical Society. Links : newsletter of the Lakeshore Genealogical Society, Cobourg, Ontario.   

 Business of Cobourg : photographs .   

Haldimand Township : images of the past.   

Newton, Michael W. Paylists for various militia of Cobourg for the years 1856 to 1875.   

 Hamilton Township (Lot #17, Concession A & B) now downtown Cobourg.   

The adventures of the Cobourg Rifles : by "One of Themselves" / copied from the Cobourg Star by Colin Caldwell. Introduction and footnotes by Colin Caldwell.

 Veteran's Lists for Haldimand Township : WWI, WWII, War of 1813, 1837 Rebellion, Fenian Raids.   

 Reflections : Grace Christian Reformed Church, Cobourg, Ontario, 1956-1981.   

Stephens, John. They went together : the story of Bill Nesbitt and Keith Roblin of the 21st Battalion and the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles and some of the 619,634 other Canadian soldiers in World War 1.   

Greeley, Susan Burnham. Sketches of the past.   

 List of voters of the Township of Percy, Northumberland County, Province of Ontario for the year 1924.   

Riddell, Walter. Historical sketch of the Township of Hamilton.   

 The Port Hope Directory for 1856-57 containing an alphabetical list of the heads of families, business men and mechanics, their several places of business and residences, brief notices of the religious, literary and benevolent associations of the Town, fire department...list of streets.   

 Peter's Woods Provincial Nature Reserve : master plan.   

 Index to the history of Roseneath Women's Institute.   

 Reminiscences Cobourg.   

 Northumberland heritage : a journal of local history.   

Riddell, Walter. Diary of voyage from Scotland to Canada in 1833 and Story of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Cobourg, Ontario.   

Wilson, Catharine Anne, 1958. Tenants in time : family strategies, land, and liberalism in Upper Canada, 1799-1871.   

 Celebrating 100 years : CDCI WEst, 1901-2001.   


Kirck, Harvey. Cobourg, Ontario.   

Kirck, Harvey. Port Hope, Ontario.   

Rubenhold, Hallie. The lady in red : an eighteenth-century tale of sex, scandal, and divorce.   

Browne, Bonnie. Brighton 1900-1960.   

 St. Michael's and Sacred Heart Sesquicentennial album.   

Chatten, Florence. Brighton Township.   

 Upon this rock: The architectural story of St. Peter's Cobourg.   

Youth Canada 210 Celebration Team. Life after the landing.   

Kelly, Ruth Taylor. Taylor : ancestors of Jack Taylor.   

Buchanan, Dan. History of Codrington and area.   

May, Gary, 1951. A life well travelled: the story of Gordon Keith Sherwin.   

Watt, Gavin K. A dirty, trifling, piece of business.   

Watt, Gavin K. I am heartily ashamed.   

Moore, Wes, 1978. The other Wes Moore one name, two fates.   

Winchester, Simon. The meaning of everything [the story of the Oxford English dictionary].   

Moore, Wes, 1978. The other Wes Moore one name, two fates.   

Brose, Susan, 1961. The history of Brighton businesses 1816 to 2009.   

Wilson, Ian, 1960. Steam echoes of Hamilton : CNR operations from the steel city southward in the 1950s.   

 Symbols of our past : Hope Township : an architectural and historical inventory, 1982.   

 Poll book - Federal - 1874 Election : the last election of open voting : subdivision V, Town of Cobourg.   

Winchester, Simon. The professor and the madman : a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the Oxford English dictionary.   

Cerami, Charles A. Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's three men, five great wines, and the evening that changed America.   

Hart, D'Arcy J. A Colborne perspective : daily life in Colborne, Ontario, 1925-1960.   

Woods, Grahame. Rural reflections.   

Cerami, Charles. Dinner at Mr. Jefferson's three men, five great wines, and the evening that changed America.   

Kerr, John, 1950. A dangerous method.   

Watts, Evelyn Loft. Return to Tyendinaga : the story of Jim and Melba Loft, Bahai'i pioneers.   

Paterson, Catherine A. Stable isotope analysis and geographic origins of 19th century Port Hope pioneers.   

Hochu, Roland J. Riding through WWII : memoir by Roland Hochu.   

Weller, Jim. Cobourg's churches over the life of the town.   

 Drama, danger, rebirth the history of Victoria Hall and its restoration in the 1970s.   

Down, Mary Ann. Ours to remember : a history of Shiloh, its pioneers, their forebears and descendants.   

Robins, Chris. Cobourg's veterans : an oral history.   

Bradbury, Jim. The Battle of Hastings.   

Rowe, Ann. A walk down memory lane : 150 years of the Campbellford-Seymour Agricultural Society, 1854-2004.   

Rowe, Ann. Campbellford Memorial Hospital, 1953-2003 : 50 years of care beyond compare.   

Brighton History Book Commitee. That's just the way we were : Brighton memories.   

Winchester, Simon. The professor and the madman a tale of murder, insanity, and the making of the Oxford English dictionary.   

Richardson, Stewart. DIT : Dit Clapper and the rise of the Boston Bruins.   

Cobourg (Ont.). Cobourg's 175th Committee. 1837-2012, Cobourg : celebrating 175 years : its people, pride and passions.   

Hamilton East Rotary Club. Hamiltons of the world: the story of Hamiltons across five continents.   

Pratt, Laura. Hamilton Tiger-Cats.   

Reck-Malleczewen, Fritz Percy, 1884-1945. Diary of a man in despair.   

McIver, Don. End of the line : the 1857 train wreck at the Desjardins Canal bridge.   

Kline, Michael J. The Baltimore plot the first conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.   

Boyce, Gerald E. Historic Hastings. Volume 1.   

Dodge, Layton. Spotlight on sports : a selection of the work of Layton Dodge, Cobourg Daily Star sports editor.   

Bailey, R. Paul. Port Hope heroes : a diary in poems & drawings about characters from my home town.   

Charles, George. Life was a game : a Cobourg story 1942-1952.   

Wilson, Ralph Holland. G.E.Plastics, Cobourg, Ontario : our people - our history.   

Russell, Foster Meharry, 1907. Foster Meharry Russell : the life and times of the community publisher.   

Russell, Foster Meharry, 1907. What a friend we have in Jesus : index.   

 Women's Institute - Roseneath Branch, Northumberland County, Ontario Tweedsmuir history.   

Nivola, Alessandro. Coco avant Chanel.   

Betcherman, Lita-Rose, 1927. Court lady and country wife : royal privilege and civil war : two noble sisters in seventeenth-century England.   

Redgrave, Vanessa, 1937. Anonymous.