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2018-19 Meeting Topics

posted 8 Oct 2018, 12:23 by Lakeshore Genealogical Society   [ updated 20 Jan 2020, 13:55 ]
Mark your calendar for these interesting meetings:

October   Speaker: Allison Torrie Lapaire
Topic: The Canadian Flag

November    Professional Genealogist Gabe Blaschuk will answer your genealogical research questions.  Members may speak for 3 to 5 minutes about their inquiries.

December   Christmas Potluck

February    Speakers: Katie Kennedy and Abigail Miller of Northumberland County Archives
Topic: “For Love or Money - An Examination of Women’s Land Ownership in the 19th Century” (subtitle may be subject to change as thesis of presentation develops.)

March    Speaker: Bob Dawes -
Topic: DNA Explained: A look at the basics of DNA analysis for genealogy and how to get the most out of your test.

April   Speaker: Dave Clements 
Topic: The Nehemiah Smith Story

May   Speaker: Bob Dawes 
Topic: The Family History Reno Project (the easy do-over)If you've ever wanted to clean up your family history file, this is the easy way to approach it.

June  Speaker:  Peter Brotherhood  
Topic: St. Peter's Parish. The Influential Role Played by the Parish of St. Peter’s Church Cobourg  in the Development of Upper Canada.