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Land Records in Your Pyjamas – Speaker Linda Corupe

posted 25 Jan 2021, 09:32 by Lakeshore Genealogical Society

February 112021 -7:00 PM on Zoom


Land Records in Your Pyjamas – Speaker Linda Corupe

Focusing mainly on the records available on-line, the presentation begins with methods of determining the correct lot and concession number.  From there, the 2 different methods (FamilySearch and ONLAND) of accessing abstract deeds online, step by step, and also how to access individual memorials/instruments online. Linda will also address the issue of why numbers seem to “jump” in some deed books and appear to have all sorts of missing documents.


The author of over 50 books, Linda Corupe, UE, has been researching genealogy and family histories for more than 40 years. Her publications are invaluable resources for anyone researching the early years of Upper Canada. Among the most notable of her works are the annotated transcriptions of the Assize Court records, called “Upper Canadian Justice”, now completed from 1793 to 1829 for all areas of the province at that time, and the records of the First Heir and Devisee Commissions, detailing land claims filed from 1797 to 1804, again for all of early Upper Canada.  Linda is a member of the United Empire Loyalist Association of Canada, the Ontario Genealogical Society and the Ontario Historical Society.