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About this Website


The LGS has launched this website in support of the Society's main purpose. By publishing our activities on the Internet, we hope to promote more interest in genealogy and family history research and publication among current and former residents of our area and their relatives and thus attract new members. Additionally, we hope our research services will be more readily discovered and called upon in order to generate revenue with which we can strengthen the resources available to both our members and the wider community. The website should serve as a billboard and directory to genealogy and family history activities and resources in and around Cobourg, Port Hope and Northumberland County. 


For almost four years, the Society's sole web presence was its contributions to the community website The Hardscrabble Papers celebrating Northumberland history. Unfortunately, a technical disruption blocked uploading of new information to Hardscrabble since sometime in 2012. Then, tragically, the owner of the domain, Scott Lamberton, died on Oct 31, 2013. LGS contributions from 2012 and earlier were duplicated on the LGS website which is now our primary web presence carrying newer and current information. 

We assembled and authored content using Google Sites in conjunction with Google Drive, Documents, Calendar and PicasaWeb or Google+. While Google Sites was not initially intended to be the website development platform and host, it became apparent that the website might be good enough and conversion to another could be foregone. The result may be utilitarian but, hopefully, will function well for you. We adopted this simple layout sans sidebars because it appeared to be more compatible with small screens such as the iPod Touch than those with sidebars. Displays smaller than that may have problems with some (more) pages. 

The origin of the little ship logo is not known and we believe it is not copyrighted. Without the waves, it can be found, using Google Image search, on a few other websites. We believe the waves were added by one of our members as this version has been used on the masthead of our
Links newsletter since the Spring 2000 issue. We think it appropriately signifies the importance of waterways to the early settlement of our area and especially that of great Lake Ontario, on whose northern shore most of Northumberland's population resides.

As beginners with Google Sites, there may be untapped potential for improvements to our website that we have yet to discover. We welcome any suggestions - please post a message via our Contact page. We will likely be adjusting its look and layout as we receive feedback, gain experience and confidence with it and add new content. Major changes to the website will be logged in the announcements below.