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Past Programs

8-Jan-2014Mystery Ancestor Night. Bring a written and/or pictorial presentation about your ancestor but don't tell anyone what you're planning. We'll try to guess which presentation on the tables is yours.
11-Dec-2014The Dr. King Story - guest speaker Dan Buchanan
13-Nov-2014Locked in the Library - a presentation organized by the library staff to familiarize everyone with the 1921 Canadian Census
9-Oct-2014Maritime history in Kingston and Cobourg, guest speaker Ron Walsh
11-Sep-2014Annual General Meeting. Guest speaker: The CEO of the Cobourg Library, Tammy Robinson.
14-Aug-2014Excursion to 4th Line Theatre for "Wounded Soldiers"
8-May-2014"Puzzles and Mysteries and How-To's" @ CCC HTM room
10-Apr-2014Sher Leetooze: "Building Your Family Story Using Maps" @ CCC HTM room
13-Mar-2014Tom Holden: "Genea/Techno-logy, Current technologies for genealogical and family history research" @ CCC HTM room
13-Feb-2014Chris Robins: "Past Lives: Tools to help Understand Our Early 19th Century Ancestors and to Bring them to Life." @ CCC HTM room
9-Jan-2014"Mystery Ancestors Night" @ Cobourg Community Centre due to flood at CPL
12-Dec-2013Stephanie Wright, Timelines Research Co., "Preserving Life's Ephemera", showed family histories her company has helped produce and described DIY best practices. @ Port Hope Public Library
14-Nov-2013Members Show and Tell (share breakthroughs and brick walls over the past year)
10-Oct-2013Janice Millard: Trent University Archives. Information about the holdings of the University and how to access the listings for genealogical use.
12-Sep-2013Adriana Monti: “Preserving Memories of Ordinary People”, launching of an archive of Everyman's stories
22-Jun-2013Outing: Pickering Museum Village
9-May-2013Norm Hawley was unable to attend. Peter Johnson jumped into the breach.
Peter Johnson - Research in Rebel Country - genealogical sightseeing in New York
11-Apr-2013Was to be Jodi Aoki of Trent University - but cancelled due to bad weather
14-Mar-2013Reg Longman - Suffer Little Children
- the writing of his story being a Barnardo Boy
14-Feb-2013Lockedin@CPL - Genealogy with Google and Facebook
10-Jan-2013Mystery Ancestor & Quiz
13-Dec-2012Gift of the Internet - a review of useful genealogical websites on the Library's newly acquired Smart Board demonstrated by Lori Harmer
8-Nov-2012Emily Cartlidge - “Ensuring a Future for our Past, the Northumberland County Archives” - talk & tour
11-Oct-2012Grappling with Gravestones - Peter Johnson
13-Sep-2012AGM. Share Summer Search
19-Jul-2012Outing: 4th Line Theatre "Queen Marie" - the story of Hollywood star, Cobourg's Marie Dressler
10-May-2012Jocelyn Maclean - Information to Story - Writing and Publishing.
12-Apr-2012Libby - Donʼt Accept Secondary Sources
8-Mar-2012Gabe Blaschuk - How to Handle a Brick Wall.
Location of various and less known resources.
9-Feb-2012Gabe Blaschuk Births - Earliest Ontario Sources
12-Jan-2012Mystery Ancestor & Quiz
8-Dec-2011Gift of the Internet - a review of useful genealogical websites
10-Nov-2011David Smith - Plans for the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812
13-Oct-2011Trees by Dan - Dan Buchanan
8-Sep-2011AGM. Share Summer Search
9-Jun-2011Outing: 25th Anniversary Dinner at Gore's Landing Hall
12-May-2011Gabriel Blaschuck - Marriage - Earliest Ontario Sources
14-Apr-2011Jennifer Rogers - Planning a Family Reunion Abroad
10-Mar-2011Sharon Murphy - Keeping Track of our Genealogical Data
10-Feb-2011Jack Davies - Family and its Sampler.
Tom Holden - RootsMagic
13-Jan-2011Mystery Ancestor & Quiz
9-Dec-2010Gift of the Internet - a review of useful genealogical websites
11-Nov-2010Sheila Purcell - the publishing of a book about her father “A Hong Kong Diary Revisited-The Family Remembers”
14-Oct-2010Charmaine Lindsay - a review of the North York Library Holdings
Hardscrabble demo.
Share Summer Search
8-Jul-2010Outing: 4th Line Theatre ""Eldorado Town" (the Port Hope Play)
13-May-2010Master Genealogist presentation by Lee Beech.
Book precis (the one from the website) Robert Elliott by Elma Parker -
8-Apr-2010Workshop in library after Gabeʼs presentation of New materials
11-Mar-2010Sharon Murphy & Eileen Argyris - Writing & Publishing Genealogical Stories
11-Feb-2010Introduction to Hardscrabble - Robert Washburn
7-Jan-2010Mystery Ancestor & Quiz
10-Dec-2009How to Store your Data - guest Debbie Young (Creative Memories)
12-Nov-2009Military Information and Where to Find it on the Webb
- Diane Johnson will speak and Jim Sandham will provide computer expertise.
8-Oct-2009Gail Corbett - author of The Barnardo Children;
- slide presentation and discussion re Home Children
- why she became interested, her fatherʼs emigration
- genealogical resources by CE
Canadian Headstone Photo Project
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6-Jun-2009Outing: hosted Toronto Post Card Club visit for the Wilfed John Cowin Cobourg & Port Hope Postcard Collection at the CDHS Archived
14-May-2009Craig Ross - Owner of Ross Funeral Chapel in Port Hope.
- History of the Tombstone
- suggested by Ron Smith and recommended by the membership
9-Apr-2009Peter Johnson - UEL Association President for 2007-8, History of the Photograph and dating them
12-Mar-2009Your Brick Walls - Sharing our problems and puzzles
12-Feb-2009Nancy Gibson - how to organize a reunion.
- Kenʼs reminder of the meeting will ask all of those attending to please be prepared to share any ideas regarding this topic whether they have organized or attended a reunion
8-Jan-2009Ancestor Contest - participants will prepare a small display of pictures, affects and story regarding a famous, shady, funny or interesting ancestor.
- each of us will make an attempt to guess which society member is related to each picture.
- prizes
11-Dec-2008When Gail Corbett, author of The Barnardo Children, was unable to attend due to poor weather, a set of genealogical resources was presented by C Evans
13-Nov-2008Military Family through the Ages: Memorabilia & Websites
- show and tell by members
- Diane will speak and Ron will provide computer expertise.
9-Oct-2008Gabe Blaschuk - Archives Chair and Consultant to the History Dept of CPL
- review of the new books and microfilm purchased for the library in the last year.
11-Sep-2008AGM. Share Summer Search